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As market leader in designing and building entire above-ground installations, we provide greenhouses with sustainable heat.

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More than 50 years of experience

VB is founded in April 1966 and was named J & A Verbakel Verwarming. This heating company for the Dutch horticulture was started by two brothers, Joop and Aad Verbakel, in ‘De Lier’, The Netherlands. Not much later the activities were extended abroad, among others to Belgium, Germany and France.

It started with Climate

Early 70s the first business in the USA came up and at Long Island near New York the first heating project was realized. Many other countries followed, but then the brothers discovered that the supply and installation of only heating was rather limited. At the same time, there were some thoughts about cooperation with several greenhouse builders and in 1983 in order to further broaden the activities they decided to take over Bomkas Greenhouses from Wateringen, The Netherlands. 

Complete horticultural projects 

The combination Verbakel / Bomkas starts energetically with some nice projects in among others Saudi Arabia, China and India. As the borders between Western and Eastern Europe disappeared, also new opportunities to purchase materials abroad came up. Partly under pressure of the economic setback in 1992 it is decided to produce the components no longer itself, but to outsource these activities. Besides greenhouses and climate installations, also other horticultural systems are offered as a total concept.

More than horticulture

Verbakel-Bomkas continues and focuses on the increasing expansion in horticulture, but also has an open mind in order to registrate other possible opportunities. In 1996 the first pitch heating is applied at PSV Eindhoven. This first application of horticultural technique outside the horticultural market is the basis for the start of VB Projects. In 1997, the son of Aad, Edward Verbakel becomes active in the company. He focuses primarily on foreign markets and in 2001 becomes member of the Board. In December 2005 Joop Verbakel, one of the ‘founding brothers’, leaves  the company after many years of hard work.

Scaling-up and expanding

As from 2000 the company grew that hard, that new premises are needed. At the Jogchem van der Houtweg 4 in De Lier a new building arises. During the 40th anniversary in 2006 these new offices are officially opened. Mid 2008 it is clear that the economy continues suffering the recession and it is decided to export even more and pay more attention to the opportunities in the utility and energy sectors. VB is able to compensate the decreasing demand in the Dutch horticulture with appealing construction and energy projects, including the construction of Villa Flora in 2010 and the construction of many appealing geothermal heat projects.

More than 50 years of experience!

Due to increasing demand from abroad and the growth of activities in 2012 it is decided to broaden the structure of the company and to change the name of ‘Verbakel-Bomkas’ into VB. In April 2016 it was 50 years since the foundation of VB, for which a great party has been thrown. On that occasion Aad Verbakel, co-founder of VB, was knighted in the Order of Orange-Nassau. This order is awarded for exceptional service to the community. The Order of Orange-Nassau is awarded for longstanding meritorious service to society, the State or the Royal House. In 2018 VB acquired a new piece of property to realize a new office and warehouse. In the summer of 2020 VB moved to this new ‘state-of-the-art’ energy neutral building in Westland and is ready for a sustainable future.