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As market leader in designing and building entire above-ground installations, we provide greenhouses with sustainable heat.

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Sustainable initiative for greenhouse horticulture


  • Client HVC / Warmtecoöperatie Maasdijk
  • Area n.v.t.
  • Produce Geothermal heat
  • Location Maasdijk, Nederland
  • Year(s) 2023
"This is the first VB project where we’re connecting three sources at once."
Marco de Bruijne - Director Operations VB

Project Application

VB's geothermal department was commissioned to design and realise the above-ground installations for the Maasdijk Geothermal Heat initiative. The aim of this collaboration between heat cooperative Maasdijk and HVC is to stimulate and realise sustainable heat for and with greenhouse businesses in the Westland region.

Challenge and approach

Drilling started in spring 2022. A total of six wells (three doublets) are planned, one after the other. The wells are located a few metres apart above ground, but several kilometres apart underground. 

Results and features

If the drilling is successful, over 80 greenhouse businesses will be connected to sustainable geothermal heat. It involves about 500 hectares of greenhouses where vegetables, plants and flowers are grown. That is comparable to the area of 333 football fields, and will save the equivalent of the gas consumed to heat more than 50,000 households. 

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Overview with implemented solutions and related projects