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Making Midden-Delfland more sustainable

First permit for the geothermal sector

  • Client Geopower Oudcamp
  • Area n.v.t.
  • Produce Geothermal heat
  • Location Maasland, Netherlands
  • Year(s)
Together we are taking a big step when it comes to significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels. VB is a professional company with a lot of experience when it comes to geothermal energy.
Cor Lagerwerf

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GeoPower Oudcamp is an initiative of eight greenhouse horticulture companies from the Oudcampsepolder in Maasland, namely: Gebr. Valstar, J&P Ten Have, Lans, Levoplant, Kwekerij De Westhoek, Kwekerij Growin, Plantenkwekerij P. van Geest and Kwekerij Overgaag. VB completed the above-ground geo-installation and the installation of the heat distribution network, a major step towards the sustainability of greenhouse horticulture in Midden-Delfland. The participating growers want to save around 15 million m3 of natural gas per year via GeoPower Oudcamp.

Challenge and approach

The geothermal system extracts warm water of approximately 93 degrees Celsius at a depth of 2,800 meters. The eight participating horticultural companies are supplied with sustainable heat through a three-kilometer pipeline network and heat exchangers. When the heat has been extracted from the geothermal water and cooled to 35 degrees Celsius, it will be pumped back down to a depth of 2,800 meters. The project saves 26.7 kilotons of CO2 emissions per year. That is equivalent to the consumption of 10,500 households.

Results and characteristics

VB was one of the first in the geothermal sector to provide the high-end permits for the complete geothermal installation of GeoPower Oudcamp. CBI (Compliance Assessment Authority) Lloyd's Register thoroughly examined the VB-designed installation literally right down to the last screw, and checked for safety and compliance with legislation and regulations, such as PED (Pressure Equipment Directive). The extensive inspection included all documentation and procedures, tested for strength and leak-tightness, and conducted new construction inspections as well.

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