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360 kilometers of pipelines

Complete climate solution for Hoogweg

  • Client Hoogweg Kwekerijen
  • Area 50 hectare
  • Produce Bell pepper
  • Location Luttelgeest, Netherlands
  • Year(s)
Sustainably grown bell peppers from one of the most impressive nurseries in Northern Netherlands. Hoogweg is a great example of how economies of scale can be utilized in the horticultural sector.

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With a location in Nootdorp and multiple locations in Luttelgeest, Hoogweg is one of the largest bell pepper growers in the Netherlands. The first collaboration between Hoogweg and VB dates back to September 2016, when VB developed their entire climate installation. At the end of 2017, VB was also asked to realize a first geothermal source with an expected flow of 450 m3 per hour for Hoogweg. The spring water is cooled to 15 ° C through use of a heat pump. The geothermal source supplies sustainable heat to the three existing Hoogweg projects and went into operation in 2018.

Challenge and approach

For over 30 years, Hoogweg has succeeded in offering its customers a beautiful, high-quality product, in addition to the right services. It is Hoogweg's mission, together with its partners, to surprise its clients on a daily basis with the best and tastiest bell peppers, grown with sustainable geothermal energy. Thanks to Hoogweg's loyalty to BV, the project partners are very in tune with each other. Together they ensure that subprojects are always delivered to complete satisfaction, and in record time.

Results and charateristics

Hoogweg is one of the most prominent companies in the Netherlands that takes complete advantage of the benefits associated with working on a large scale. The capacities of its installations are impressive, from the enormous buffer tanks to the large numbers of CHPs and heat pumps. To meet the desired climate in the greenhouse, all climate systems are connected by a heating grid that is several kilometers in length. To give an indication of the size of one of the recent subprojects: this project required no less than 4,320 meters of distribution pipe and 356,000 meters of pipe rail - that is more than the distance from Groningen to Maastricht! - and VB welded 8,150 meters of façade heating.

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