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Winter in America but tomatoes are growing!

Even though the temperature is dropping to a low -10 degrees Celsius this month, Intergrow has recently planted tomato plants into their new greenhouse facility in the town of Ontario in the state of New York. With the ability of producing tomatoes year-round out of this new modern greenhouse facility, the company grows a variety of tomatoes to sell to retailers throughout the North Eastern region of the USA.

“In my opinion, the greenhouse tomato tastes better than field-grown tomatoes,” says Dirk Biemans, director of Intergrow.

VB took care of the whole climate installation of this modern 10 hectare greenhouse. The heating and CO2 systems make sure the quality of the tomatoes is optimized, and within the conditioned and cooled packing area, the yield will be best kept for consumption. A heat storage buffer is part of this system and with a capacity of 10,000,000 liters of water, this heat storage buffer is one of the largest in its kind in USA. With this enormous capacity, future extensions of the greenhouse can be connected to the main system.

“It is the first time we work with VB,” Biemans continues. “We had been hearing good things about VB and after visiting some of their projects, I was convinced of VB’s quality. Cooperation and communication during the project construction went very well. We had a fairly short construction timeframe and VB was able to deliver on time.”

VB has been active in the USA, New York, since 1971. With nearly 50 years of experience in the market, we have been investing in long-term relationships in the USA, offering our clients innovative and sustainable greenhouse and heating solutions which are exclusively designed and engineered for them and their fresh produce.