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VB to install a large domestic climate project for Frestia

Martien and Wim Zuidgeest, owners of Frestia in Maasdijk (NL) recently signed a contract with Marco de Bruijne from VB to realize a complete greenhouse climate installation of their next planned expansion. The acquisition of a neighbouring parcel of land allows Frestia to expand with another 7 hectares of modern greenhouse facilities.

The design of the climate installation is based to receive the lowest possible return water temperature with which the highest efficiency from a future geothermic well connection can be reached. To lower the return water temperature as much as possible VB will install a double tube rail system so the return water will be circulated in the second system once more. This system will achieve an as low as possible return water temperature before the water goes back to the heat storage tank.

To run the water through the two systems the temperature of the water will drop with 35 degrees Celsius, instead of the usual 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. To avoid a slow reaction of the installation due to the faster cooling of the water, VB will extend the capacity in the headlines and mixing groups. The system will be able to start up the total installation with a temperature difference of 20 degrees. As soon as all the heating tubes will achieve the installed temperature the pump will be turned down in capacity by a frequency controller to achieve the maximum cooling of the return water.

Besides the tube rail installation VB will also install a completely new heat storage tank. The existing tank is too small in the new setup. The new heat storage tank will be connected to the existing boiler and the existing CHP.

Atrium partner Havecon will start this spring with the building activities for the greenhouse, VB will start with the first phase in Q2 of this year. Another good example of horticultural collaboration and sustainability: Sustainable & Together.