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VB start second geothermal project in Westland NL

End of February preparations are made for a second geothermal project in Westland, Netherlands. Again VB is responsible for all the installation works related to the connection of the geothermal source. 

VOF Geothermie De Lier, a combination of two large tomato growers with almost 50 hectares of greenhouses, awarded the contract to VB to execute this project. Their ambition to use sustainable heat for their greenhouses is finally being realized.

The interest for geothermal heat as an alternative heat source in the horticultural industry is increasing rapidly. In the past years a total of eleven geothermal sources have been realized in The Netherlands. The majority of these sources have been completed by VB. The company based in De Lier also completed Green Well Westland, this first geothermal project in Westland where a total of 9 greenhouses have been connected to the source.

The project for VOF Geothermie De Lier is less complicated as only two users will be connected. Project manager Marco de Bruijne explains 'We will position five large industrial heat-exchangers directly at the source location, two for each tomato greenhouse and one to serve as a back-up.'

In order to win energy from the earth's core, a vertical pipe will be drilled to a vertical depth of approx. 2.300 to 2.500 meter depth. It is expected to find water with a temperature of approx. 85 degrees Celsius. The expected volume of hot water will be approx. 250 cubic meter per hour generating a heat capacity of the installation equal to 13.300 kW.

At this moment necessary preparations are being made so that the drill installation from Germany can start early May. VB will start installing all above ground connections for the distribution of hot water, including approx. 2.000 linear meter of insulated pipework, control systems, connections and degassification. In the middle of June all the pipe connections will be completed and in October the geothermal heat can be used for both users to grow their tomatoes in a sustainable way.