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VB signs contract for above-ground installation Geothermal heat project Maasdijk

VB's geothermal department was recently contracted to design and realize installation works for Geothermal project Maasdijk. This initiative between sustainable heat cooperative Maasdijk and HVC has the aim of stimulating and realizing sustainable geothermal heat for greenhouses and horticultural companies in the area of Maasdijk.

Drilling operations started in the spring of 2022. A total of six wells (three doublets) are expected to be drilled. In doing so, the wells will be located several meters next to each other above ground, but several kilometers apart underground.

With a positive drilling result, more than eighty greenhouse horticultural companies in Westland will be connected to sustainable geothermal heat. This involves about five hundred acres of greenhouses with vegetables, plants and flowers. That is comparable to the area of 333 soccer fields and is equivalent to the gas consumption to provide heat for more than fifty thousand households. Geothermal heat is expected to be available in the second half of 2023.

How does geothermal heat work?

Geothermal heat involves pumping hot water from the ground and using it to heat homes, greenhouses, and buildings. Two wells are needed for this, also called a doublet. At one well, water is pumped up, where a heat exchanger extracts the heat. Through the other well, the return water goes back into the ground. The heat is distributed through the local heat grid for use in homes, buildings and greenhouses. Of course, this is done safely.