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VB delivers heating installation for 18 hectares new construction for 4Evergreen

Three years ago the Grootscholte brothers toke over a tomato greenhouse in Smidsschorrepolder, situated on a parcel of  26 hectares. A year later they bought the last available 42 hectares in the same polder. With the new construction of 18 hectares the establishment grows to 28 hectares greenhouse, so this family business owns in total 80 hectares glass greenhouses, spread over 6 locations. The expansion does not only mean an enlargement of the area, but is also meant to realize renovation in the sector.

VB designs and realizes a tube rail and crop heating installation as greenhouse heating for this expansion, in which capsicums of company 4Evergreen will be grown. The installation connects to the existing installation of 10 hectares, which was realized in 2009 also by VB. The heat for the new greenhouse complex comes from the nearby Yara factory in Terneuzen. The climate system has been engineered in such a way that the rest heat of the factory can be cooled down in the best way. In order to level off peaks, VB will build a new tank with a content of 5.000 m3 besides the exiting heat storage tank. Also a back-up oil boiler with burner will be installed.

At the moment the building drains are ready. These are realized before foundation and further building activities, in order to gain room in the planning. The expectation is that the plants can be put in the new greenhouse in November.