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VB completes 10ha. climate-controlled greenhouse in Siberia

21-09-2018 - This week, VB completed a greenhouse and climate control system in Siberia. From now on, this 10 hectare greenhouse nearby Tomsk, will provide Siberian with high quality vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and eggplants. “With this world-class greenhouse environment, we enhance the quality of our vegetables in our Siberian supermarkets big time. Because of our self-sufficiency, now we can shorten the period of transport with weeks, which improves the freshness,” according to VB’s client, a Siberian supplier.

Because this project is situated in one of the harshest conditions found worldwide, the planning of this project was crucial. Michel Winkel (VB): “The greenhouse and its climate system must be completed before the beginning of the winter, and Siberia’s first snow is already expected in October, so it is a challenge to have the heating systems operational in time. Last year the foundation has already been set to ensure that no problems would arise because of frost in the soil, which with temperatures up to minus 40 degrees Celsius can go down to 2.5 meters deep.” All elements and parts of the greenhouse have been calculated based on the harsh weather conditions, where the heating and insulation have been given extra attention. Also the availability of sufficient irrigation water in the winter months has asked a solid preparation. Furthermore, the lighting system is essential, as Siberia only has a few hours of sunlight a day during winter.

VB is driven by the challenge to provide climate solutions for all types of crops. Climate-controlled greenhouses like these, enable a country located in one of the harshest conditions worldwide to feed their people nutritious food. With their mix of knowledge-driven in tandem with the market-driven, VB believes they can meet the challenge that lies ahead.