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VB Climate continues collaboration with Wittenberg Gemüse in Germany

Wittenberg Gemüse is located in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and specializes in the cultivation of fresh fruits and vegetables including peppers, tomatoes and strawberries. The greenhouse complex currently consists of 32 hectares. VB Climate, part of Atrium Agri, has been asked for the third time to deliver and install a complete climate system for Wittenberg Gemüse. The existing greenhouses will be expanded by 89,523m2 total including water-technical areas.

The greenhouse is heated by residual heat of a fertilizer factory, which is situated close to this greenhouse project. This fertilizer factory supplies residual heat with a temperature of 65 ºC. In 2013, VB installed an inground pre-isolated pipe with a diameter of 610 mm from the fertilizer factory to the energy centre for the transport of this residual heat from the power station to the greenhouse. The fertilizer factory also supplies CO2, which is available in a 100% pure form and is supplied through a PE-transport pipe to the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse a tube rail- and a grow pipe-installation have been installed. The climate installations are designed in such a way that the available residual heat will be cooled down as much as possible. In the energy centre also a distributing unit with large manifolds has been installed prepared for future expansions.

In week 13, the work had progressed so far that it was possible to start placing the groups and distribution pipes for the end wall. This work is expected to be completed next week, after which the pipe rail can be installed. With this last work, the project could be completed by week 19 and VB completed another great project for Wittenberg Gemüse.