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VB and Vogelaer sign contract for second geothermal plant

VB Geo Projects was recently contracted to design and realize the geothermal installation works for Vogelaer 2. Vogelaer 2 is an extension of the existing geothermal heat project of Vogelaer, for which a complete above-ground installation will be built.

In addition to the geothermal plant, an underground district heating network is being constructed to connect 11 new customers. In total, the project will co-heat an additional 19 customers that were previously supplied with heat from the Greenwell Westland geoplant.

The geothermal heat network consists of a connectionline from the new location of Aardwarmte Vogelaer on the Arckelweg in Poeldijk to the location on the van Ockenburglaan in Honselersdijk. The project consists of 1.7 km of subsoil heating lines, of which the largest part will be injected by means of 7 directional drillings. Along the way several customers will be connected to the Greenwell Westland network. Works on the transmission line will start at the beginning of April and is expected to continue until the end of September.

The above-ground geothermal plant will separate the geothermal water from the natural gas by means of a gas separation unit after which it will be led through a filter unit to the heat exchangers. In the heat exchangers, the heat is gained from the geothermal water after which it is passed through a filtration system to the injection pumps. The injection pumps will pump the geowater back into the ground. The geothermal heat is pumped to the customers by means of largetransport pumps. Because both Vogelaer projects are linked, this heat can be used for both the existing customers of Geothermal Heat Vogelaer and the new customers of Geothermal Heat Vogelaer 2. Some preparations will be carried out on the existing installations of Geothermal Heat Vogelaer during a summer maintenance shutdown. Work on the new facilities is expected to begin in September this year and to be completed in 2024.