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VB and Tebarex announcing local representation in Mexico

In recent years, covered crop cultivation in Mexico has been growing. Mexico is among the top eleven producers of agro-food products worldwide. In 2003, protected cultivation in horticulture covered 132 hectares. By 2018, that area had increased to 51,000 hectares, nearly 400 fold. *

VB is particularly focused on climate projects in glass and modern poly greenhouses. With the increasing demand for high-tech greenhouses in Mexico, VB sees many opportunities. In cooperation with Tebarex, who is strong in designing and engineering of modern irrigation systems and a specialist in integration and connecting of electrical components, which are controlled by the climate computer our presence in Mexico is therefore strengthened.

The interests of VB and Tebarex in Mexico are represented by Ing. Edgar Lopez Reyes. In this role, he is responsible for sales and after-sales of projects. Edgar has more than 10 years of experience in installing, startup and commissioning of greenhouse systems in the Mexican horticulture. "With the rise of horticulture in Mexico and the growing demand for greenhouses and (modernisation of) installations, I see plenty of opportunities for VB and Tebarex where I can apply my knowledge and skills." says Edgar Lopez Reyes.

Edward Verbakel, CEO of VB is pleased with this new development. "With Edgars presence and commitment, we can build and maintain an even better relationship with the Mexican horticultural industry. Utilizing Edgar’s knowledge and network, we expect to attract modern (glass)greenhouse climate projects'." John Vollebregt, COO at Tebarex also sees the benefits of this market position in Mexico. "Impressed by the quick developments in Mexico, in regards to new facilities and modernisation of the horticultural sector, it deserves a local office for sales and support of our technical installations. With our own representative to develop the Mexican market, we are pleased that we can now provide our services to clients in their own time zone, language and culture.”

Representation of VB and Tebarex in Mexico: a great example of a new and promising partnership!

*Source: Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality