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Sport- and Health Center Forzafit

VB and Forzafit agreed in 2008 on a turn-key project for VB to realize a complete Sport- and Health Center. The center measures approx. 2.300 m2 and is located in the Schipborgstraat in The Hague.    

In augustus of 2008 demolition of the existing foundation and floors of the previous sportscenter took place, which allowed the new project to start.

After finishing of the new foundation works and floors the solid powdercoated steel construction for the sportscenter was built. The entry of the building measures 100 m2 with additional room for offices, sport-facilities and a restaurant. Above the first floor another level has been created with room for 6 sport locations, showers, sauna's and steam-baths. This Sport and Health center has been designed the most efficient and durable components and technical installations available. The building contains many modern and reliable features such as high transparant heat retaining glass, durable insulation material, high-frequency and LED lights and a heat recovery installation.

The outside of the building is very modern with a lot of details related to transparency.

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