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Little Leaf Farms continues to expand greenhouses with VB

In the United States of America, more than 90% of lettuce is produced in California and Arizona and then transported across the country. This does not benefit the quality and freshness of the product. With 20 acres of ultramodern greenhouses already in production, Little Leaf Farms proves that there is a better, more sustainable way to grow.

The entire growing process at Little Leaf Farms is focused on the needs of the plants and the health of the entire ecosystem. Little Leaf Farms uses the power of the sun, energy-efficient LED lights, collected rainwater, and hydroponics while using no pesticides.

Ever since the start of Little Leaf Farms back in 2015, VB has designed and built all of their innovative greenhouses in Devens, Massachusetts. In August 2021 Little Leaf Farms and VB broke ground in McAdoo Pennsylvania to realize a brand new growing facility with a first phase of 10 acres. This ultramodern and innovative greenhouse is currently in production and yet another phase of 10 acres is being built to meet the growing demand for fresh locally grown leafy greens. This next PA expansion for Little Leaf Farms will include improved levels of advanced growing technologies.

All systems have been designed to grow with the least possible risk of disease, due to an optimal climate and as a result of all the automated processes. This assures Little Leaf Farms of delivering the safest product, as it is never touched by human hands. The freshness is also unparalleled as it is cut, packaged, and delivered locally within 24 hours.

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