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Heat distribution ring for Port of Moerdijk and Provence Noord-Brabant

Verbakel-Bomkas and VB received an order for the Port of Moerdijk and the Provence of Noord-Brabant. 

An underground heat distribution network is being installed for the Port of Moerdijk and the Provence of Noord-Brabant which connects Bewa Group to two neighbouring facilities. The heat that can be considered waste for Bewa will be tranported underground to Bolsius and DCS (Drecht Coating Services). The project is located at the Appelweg in Moerdijk.

The Bewa Group Moerdijk is a dynamic company that specializes in animal feed components, organisc waste treatment, storage and processing of organic materials. Electricity is produced from the fermenation process of the materials by means of 2 bio-gas heat generators.

The heat of the co-generation process was destroyed in previous times and considered a waste to nature. Because of the concept that Verbakel-Bomkas and VB have realized, the heat can divided to neighbours Bolsius and DCS through the underground heat distribution network.

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Minister Jaqueline Cramer will officially open the heat distribution network on November 23.