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Finka opens 22-hectare sustainable greenhouse in Mexico, VB responsible for the complete climate installation

The high-tech greenhouses of Finka are located in the State of Querétaro, Mexico and specialized in the cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, and mini cucumbers. Last week Nanne Bentvelzen, Sales Manager at VB was present at the opening of the 22-hectare sustainable greenhouse.

The governor of the state of Queretaro, Mauricio Kuri Gonzalez attended the official opening and expressed his delight and excitement of this high-tech project. Also, customers, international suppliers, and employees we present to celebrate the completion of the first phase of this large project. After the official opening, all attendees were given a tour of all the facilities with a brief explanation of how the greenhouse works, as well as all the latest technology it has.

VB is responsible for the complete climate installation of the greenhouse which is already engineered for the future expansion of the greenhouse. The heating of the greenhouse is executed with a tube rail system, a grow pipe system and a CO2 dosing installation all pre-engineered for the future extension.