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Expansion of Metazet

VB is also active in the Westland area. A good example is the recent expansion of Metazet, a multifunctional building in Wateringen, Netherlands. 

In september VB closed a contract to expand Metazet's current facility in Wateringen. The new facility will be multi-functional in use. Not only it will hold the expansion of Metazet, but it will also be used partially as a sportsaccomodation. The project consists of 3 floors with a total surface of 1.960 m². The building itself contains approx. 4.095 m² of floor surface and because of the height of 12 meters it contains approx. 22.520 m³ of space. For a proper foundation a total of 342 prefab concrete poles were drilled an average of 21 meter into the ground.

In October the first foundation pole was set for this project close to VB main facility. It is expected to substantially complete the project mid 2010. More information