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15 hectare climate installation for ‘Wittenberg Gemüse GmbH’, Germany

VB has completed the heating installation for the new 15 ha. greenhouse of ‘Pieter van Gog Gemüse GmbH’ and ‘Wichard Schrieks Gemüse GmbH’ in Wittenberg (Germany). The cooperation between ´Van Gog´ and ´Schrieks´ is the start of the building of one of the largest greenhouse complexes in Germany, which will have a final surface of approximately 40 hectare.

Tuesday 28th January the newly-built greenhouse of Pieter van Gog in Wittenberg has been opened officially. VB has established the complete installation in the greenhouses and the connection of heat and CO2-exchange with a nearby power station.  In the middle of December 250.000 tomato plants were planted in two enormous greenhouses and at the moment the first plants are flowering. In the middle of March the first tomatoes are expected to be harvested.

The greenhouse is heated by means of waste heat of an ammonia power station, which is situated close to this greenhouse project. This ammonia power station supplies waste heat with a temperature of 62 ºC. To transport this waste heat from the power station to the greenhouse, VB Climate has constructed an in-ground pre-isolated steel transport pipe network with a diameter of 610 mm from the power station to the enerycentre over a long distance. The ammonia power station also supplies CO2, which is available in a 100% pure form and is supplied through a PE-transport pipe to the greenhouse.

In the greenhouse a tube rail- and a grow pipe-installation has been installed. The climate installations are designed a way that the available waste heat will be cooled down as much as possible. In the energy center a back-up boiler is installed. In case of possible problem in the supply of heat from the power station this back-up boiler will provide the greenhouse with heat. In the energy center also a distributing unit with big manifolds has been installed prepared for future expansions.