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Sustainable growth drives everything we do

Corporate social responsibility: something that comes naturally to VB . Our very genes dictate we look after the interests of others. Particularly when this concerns maintaining a healthy environment. With this so close to our heart, we have proven to be an innovative company when doing sustainable business, for example by making geothermics more widely available to the horticultural sector.

Not just paying lip service to corporate social responsibility – actually implementing it

Sustainable entrepreneurship is one of our core values; one that informs our daily thinking and acting, from our use of raw materials to how we recycle used materials. An example? Our implementation of an energy management system clearly demonstrates that we take the sustainable use of energy as well as the reduction of our CO2 footprint seriously. Our aim for instance is to save 10% on both within a year, by initiating concrete sustainable techniques. Our new company building is ready for the future, beacause of it's high-tech solutions it is energy neutral.

Utilizing sustainable technology

Nieuwbouw VB volledig energieneutraal landscapeNieuwbouw VB volledig energieneutraal portrait

We also offer our clients the opportunity of improving the sustainability of their own enterprises. To satisfy this, we continue to develop systems that optimize growing conditions, whilst reducing the impact of these on the environment to a minimum. However, we go even further. Our research and development program has the dedicated aim of launching future innovative systems and technologies.

Corporate social responsibility is a broad-brush concept. Sustainable energy, electric cars, separating and recycling waste or raising awareness among our employees; you will find all of these at Sustainable VB.