Total greenhouse solutions

VB: the greenhouse builder you can truly rely on to realise all your wishes. Every year VB designs and realizes a large number of greenhouse horticultural projects worldwide. The dimensions of these projects can range from a couple of thousand square meters to in excess of thirty hectares. 

Due to the increasing scale in greenhouse horticulture, the approach to the various projects has also changed. Time is a significant factor. The period between the start of construction and the delivery of the project can be short; very short. This kind of compressed construction program demands experienced and intensive project management. VB is fully geared to realizing tight planning schedules. To ensure a successful project, we strive for optimum and smooth collaboration between all the participants and stakeholders involved.

Modern projects, suitable for both today and tomorrow

The market demands an optimization of projects which increasingly need to be harmonized and brought into line with a multitude of requirements - particularly those concerning the environment. For VB, light, air and energy saving are key starting points in the design of any greenhouse structure. Solid steel profiles, high-end aluminoum systems and superior quality glass guarantees that a VB project will be a truly sustainable investment. Whatever the conditions, wherever you are in the world, we can guarantee that your project will always satisfy the local current legislation and guidelines covering horticultural greenhouses. VB is member of AVAG, the Netherlands' recognized trade body for contractors and fitters in greenhouse horticulture.

A VB project guarantees an optimum controllable climate for all your greenhouse produce, as well as attracting some of the lowest premiums from greenhouse insurers. With our integrated and dedicated approach, complemented by our specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the various sub sectors of greenhouse construction, VB is the greenhouse builder you can truly rely on to realize all your wishes.

Venlo greenhouses

The Venlo greenhouse is your guarantee of a highly flexible solution, making it possible to realize just about any type of project. This greenhouse benefits from an optimized steel substructure and a high quality aluminum decking and gable system. The Venlo greenhouse can be supplied with all manner of energy saving technology, including double glazing, synthetic plates, single or double screen installations and hostalite strips. For as we all agree, the undeniable maxim is: more light equals more production. There are numerous possibilities to maximize penetration of light into a greenhouse. The latest generation of glass for example now allows between 90 to 96 percent of light to pass. The steel substructure can also be specified in a white finish.

Wide span greenhouses

A wide span greenhouse is the ideal environment for many types of crops. The advantage of this kind of greenhouse is the almost endless possibilities it offers for realizing specific desires regarding the environment, light, internal climate and quality. The number of greenhouse builders specializing in the construction of wide span greenhouses is limited. VB is one of the few. For many years we have been the leading builder of wide span greenhouse projects in many locations worldwide. The strong and elegant steel structures have been designed to allow for maximum light penetration. A wide span greenhouse provides ample 'space' for including various installations and systems. The one-sided or double sided continuous ridge aeration feature is particularly suitable for installing insect screening.

Cabriolet greenhouses

The cabriolet greenhouse has been designed for growers who prefer optimum ventilation and light penetration. The greenhouse is particularly suited for hardening crops in the external air. The cabriolet greenhouse is mounted on a specially adapted Venlo support structure with an aluminum greenhouse canopy that can be opened almost entirely to the air. This will offer you as a grower the full range of options for adjusting the climate to exactly the levels you desire. The cabriolet greenhouse can be constructed with a glass or a synthetic cover. VB has built this type of greenhouse for numerous clients, both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Plastic Greenhouses

VB and BOAL Poly Systems have joined together to provide the best plastic greenhouse solution ever. From foundation to insect netting, all elements have been carefully optimized and redesigned towards the most ideal growing environment.

Our plastic greenhouse solutions are an optimum integration of all the advantages of the traditional glass greenhouse. All the construction elements and members have been fully TNO tested for the various required loading factors and with the application of aluminum gutters, condensation issues have been entirely eliminated. With a minimum number of connection points, this type of greenhouse can be rapidly and efficiently erected, almost anywhere in the world.

Packing Halls and Offices

One of the great advantages of working with VB is that you can also benefit from having other company projects realized, tailor made and at the same time. VB specializes in constructing operational halls and commercial spaces. Operational spaces are a vital element for many companies; as this is where the company's internal logistical flows tend to meet. Often it can also be the entrance or physical public face of your company, and of course a well-designed company building exuding a confident presence will present the appropriate look and feel your enterprise wishes to project.

Collaboration with Projects

Due to the optimum collaboration that exists between the two parts of VB, any additional company building projects can be fully and seamlessly integrated with the greenhouse section. This will ensure maximum unity between both greenhouse and operational spaces; integration that can only improve your investment prospects. Naturally, VB can offer a wide range of possibilities for realizing the company premises you desire by utilizing diverse synthetic materials, profiles and wall and elevation panels. VB can also be your invaluable partner with its wealth of expertise in logistics: long before we start building anything we can advise you on the optimum internal routing for your project.