Complete greenhouse construction projects worldwide

VB realizes greenhouse construction projects worldwide. We deliver these turnkey, complete and with fully commissioned installations. Due to the optimum integration of greenhouse and technology, you will increase the opportunity of maximizing the return on your investment. 

And there are even further advantages to this total concept: control remains firmly in the hands of just one player. For us as system integrator, the coordination of planning and contracts is wholly familiar territory. From the very first consultation to final hand over, there will be and remain only one point of contact for you.

Reliable network partners

Erecting the greenhouse is entirely in our hands. To realize the technical installations and systems we work together with partners from our own network, who are recognized specialists in their own field. These partners, like us, meet with the highest standards and are familiar with the rules and regulations as they apply to all their areas of expertise. Due to our exceptional combination of specialisms we are able to deliver tailor made work, fully geared to the local conditions.

Complete is complete

  • Greenhouse building
  • Heating and cooling installations
  • Screening and shading
  • Internal transport and growing systems logistics
  • Water technical and electro technical installations
  • Grow light installations (also LED technology based)
  • Project management and advice on growing