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Commercial greenhouse builder in Massachusetts

VB is a commercial greenhouse builder from the Netherlands serving the historic Bay State of Massachusetts. With decades of experience building state-of-the-art greenhouses around the world, we’re ready to help make Massachusetts’ growing season a year-round venture. When it comes to commercial greenhouse structures and solutions, VB is the industry leader and number one commercial greenhouse construction company in the state of Massachusetts.

VB has a wealth of experience in constructing greenhouses and related components, with a specific focus on Massachusetts. Our team excels in overseeing comprehensive projects, managing all aspects from the initial stages to the final installation of greenhouses. We possess in-depth knowledge of greenhouse automation systems, including controlled environments and irrigation systems. With a rich history of successfully completing numerous projects across the United States, VB's expertise extends to Massachusetts, a state characterized by diverse landscapes and unique cultural aspects in the northeastern part of the country.

Our familiarity with Massachusetts enables us to understand the varying geographical and cultural intricacies, spanning coastal areas, scenic landscapes, and historic sites. We recognize the state's diversity, from dynamic urban centers like Boston to the picturesque expanses of Cape Cod and the Berkshires. This knowledge empowers us to customize greenhouse construction to meet the specific requirements of each region. Furthermore, our understanding of cultural aspects, including the agricultural traditions of different communities, ensures that our greenhouse projects seamlessly align with the local context, promoting sustainability and community involvement.

If you are contemplating the establishment of a greenhouse in Massachusetts, MA (USA), rest assured that as a leading Dutch greenhouse construction company, VB brings years of hands-on experience to the forefront. Operating throughout the U.S., including Massachusetts, we have successfully executed numerous projects in the country.

Specializing in greenhouses, we provide end-to-end solutions, leveraging our unparalleled expertise to guide you through every stage of greenhouse construction. Our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality assures you that you can cultivate the highest quality crops in the industry.

Serving Massachusetts growers

VB offers Massachusetts growers and farmers the most advanced commercial greenhouse solutions in the world. Check out all of our commercial services below to see how we can build your greenhouse into one of the best in the coastal market.

Commercial greenhouses in Massachusetts

VB has successfully built many state-of-the-art commercial greenhouses throughout the United States and in Massachusetts. 

Little Leaf Farms - Devens, MA


Address: P.O. Box 2069, Devens, MA, USA
Phone: (844) 545-5323

Little Leaf Farms in Devens, MA, is one of our many successful commercial greenhouse projects in the United States. 

Little Leaf Farms approached VB with the ambition to become the largest supplier of leaf lettuce along the East Coast of the United States. In order to achieve this goal, we had to be able to ensure that Little Leaf could grow and supply their lettuce year-round in a sustainable manner. The result was an innovative system that provided the least possible chance of disease while optimizing the growing climate and reducing the need for human hands to virtually zero in the cultivation process.

Check out the project details and success story. In recent years, we've successfully completed many other greenhouse projects throughout the United States in addition to Little Leaf Farms. Take a look at our commercial projects.

What VB loves about Massachusetts

VB has cultivated a deep appreciation for Massachusetts, a state renowned for its captivating fusion of natural beauty and cultural abundance. From the pristine shores and scenic landscapes of Cape Cod to the historical allure of towns like Concord and Salem, Massachusetts presents a diverse array of attractions that have genuinely captured our admiration.

The state's natural wonders, showcasing coastal beauty and picturesque landscapes, underscore Massachusetts's commitment to preserving its environmental treasures. We draw inspiration from the scenic splendor of locations such as Martha's Vineyard and the Berkshire Mountains, where the grandeur of nature takes center stage.

Beyond its breathtaking landscapes, we recognize that Massachusetts proudly possesses a rich cultural heritage. Cities like Boston, with its dynamic arts scene and iconic landmarks such as the Museum of Fine Arts, exemplify the state's cultural significance. The interplay of colonial history, intellectual legacy, and diverse ethnic influences adds a layer of depth that enriches the overall allure of Massachusetts.

Embarking on new projects for greenhouse construction in Massachusetts, VB is filled with excitement and a sense of privilege to contribute to the development of this state we have come to hold in high esteem. The unique combination of natural splendor and cultural significance in Massachusetts makes it a truly captivating destination for both work and exploration.

The VB experience

At VB, we are actively involved in the state of Massachusetts and the rest of the East Coast, where we continue to contribute to the advancement of modern greenhouse technology in the United States. We are a globally recognized company with some of the top experts in the global industry. We’ll take care of the entire greenhouse building process for you, offering state-of-the-art technology and solutions, no matter the climate. Our quality is guaranteed, so you only have to spend your time on what you do best: farming! That way you can exceed your competition while providing the best quality crops in a sustainable manner, at an affordable price.
Work with VB to ensure that your new greenhouse is future-proof, supporting long-term agricultural sustainability. 

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Commercial greenhouse FAQs

How can Massachusetts benefit from commercial greenhouses?

Massachusetts can benefit from commercial greenhouses in several ways. Greenhouses provide a controlled environment, allowing for year-round cultivation despite the state's varying weather conditions. This ensures a consistent and extended growing season, promoting local agriculture and reducing the need for importing produce. Commercial greenhouses also protect crops from harsh weather, pests, and diseases, contributing to higher yields and improved crop quality.

When is the best time to build a greenhouse in Massachusetts?

The optimal time to build a greenhouse in Massachusetts is typically during the spring or early summer. This allows for construction in milder weather conditions, ensuring that the greenhouse is ready for use before the colder months. Starting construction during this period also provides ample time for the structure to be established and for growers to prepare the environment for successful cultivation.

How do you prepare a greenhouse for the winter?

Winter preparation for a greenhouse in Massachusetts involves insulating the structure to retain heat, ensuring proper ventilation to prevent humidity buildup, and installing efficient heating systems. It's essential to check for and repair any leaks, secure the greenhouse against heavy snow loads, and insulate the foundation. Cold-tolerant crops may be selected for winter cultivation, and a reliable monitoring system can help manage temperature and environmental conditions.

What makes a greenhouse sustainable?

A sustainable greenhouse incorporates eco-friendly practices, including energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, water conservation measures, and the use of renewable energy sources. Recycling and reusing materials, implementing organic growing methods, and adopting technologies that optimize resource use also contribute to greenhouse sustainability.

Why is Dutch horticulture so famous?

Dutch horticulture is renowned for its advanced and innovative practices. The Netherlands has a long history of expertise in greenhouse technology, enabling year-round cultivation and high-quality crop production. Dutch horticulturists are known for their efficient use of space, advanced irrigation techniques, and sustainable farming practices. The country's commitment to research and development has positioned Dutch horticulture as a global leader in the field.

How can I extend my growing season in cold climates?

To extend the growing season in cold climates like Massachusetts, consider using cold frames, row covers, or hoop houses. These structures provide additional insulation and protection for plants. Planting cold-tolerant crops and utilizing season extension techniques, such as mulching and proper crop rotation, can also help prolong the growing season. Additionally, investing in a greenhouse with temperature control features allows for year-round cultivation and protection from extreme weather conditions.