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Greenhouses Iowa

VB offers state-of-the-art commercial greenhouse services and solutions throughout the Hawkeye State of Iowa, leading the globe in greenhouse growing solutions.

Commercial greenhouse builders in Iowa

VB is a commercial greenhouse builder from the Netherlands serving the great Hawkeye State of Iowa. With decades of experience building state-of-the-art greenhouses around the world, we are ready to take your Iowa growing solutions to the next level. We are the industry leader and number one commercial greenhouse construction company in Iowa.

VB brings extensive expertise to greenhouse construction and associated components, with a specific emphasis on Iowa. Our team excels in overseeing comprehensive projects, managing every aspect from the initial stages to the final installation of greenhouses. We possess in-depth knowledge of greenhouse automation systems, covering controlled environments and irrigation systems. With a successful history of completing numerous projects across the United States, VB's proficiency extends to Iowa—a state distinguished by diverse landscapes and unique cultural facets in the Midwest.

Our intimate knowledge of Iowa allows us to grasp the varying geographical and cultural intricacies, spanning expansive farmlands, rolling hills, and the iconic Mississippi River. We appreciate the state's agricultural richness, from lively urban centers like Des Moines to the charming rural communities. This familiarity empowers us to tailor greenhouse construction to meet the specific requirements of each region. Furthermore, our understanding of cultural aspects, encompassing the agricultural traditions of different communities, ensures that our greenhouse projects seamlessly align with the local context, promoting sustainability and community involvement.

If you are contemplating establishing a greenhouse in Iowa, IA (USA), be assured that as a leading Dutch greenhouse construction company, VB brings years of hands-on experience to the forefront. Operating throughout the U.S., including Iowa, we have successfully executed numerous projects in the country.

Specializing in greenhouses, we offer end-to-end solutions, leveraging our unparalleled expertise to guide you through every stage of greenhouse construction. Our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality assures you that you can cultivate the highest quality crops in the industry.

Serving Iowa commercial growers

VB offers the most advanced commercial greenhouse solutions throughout the state of Iowa. Check out all of our commercial services below to see how we can build your greenhouse into one of the best in the local market.

Successful greenhouse projects

We have completed beautiful commercial greenhouse projects in Iowa and throughout the US that stand as a testament to VB’s cutting-edge technology and innovation that sets the global standard. 

Bushel Boy Farms - Mason City - IA


Address: 4660 S Monroe Ave, Mason City, IA 50401
Phone:  (507) 451-5692

One of our successful greenhouse construction projects in the U.S. is Bushel Boy Farms, located in Mason City, Iowa. Bushel Boy works with the Hy-Vee grocery chain, which includes not only Iowa and Missouri, but Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin as well. With this new commercial greenhouse, Bushel Boy’s goal is to even further expand its market reach into these states.

For project details, check out our Bushel Boy Farms project page. In recent years, we've successfully completed many other greenhouse projects in the United States. Take a look at our commercial projects.

What we love about Iowa

VB has cultivated a profound appreciation for Iowa, a state celebrated for its unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. From the expansive farmlands and rolling hills to the charming communities, Iowa offers a diverse array of attractions that have genuinely captured our admiration.

The state's natural wonders, spanning the iconic Mississippi River and picturesque countryside, reflect Iowa's commitment to preserving its environmental treasures. We find inspiration in the scenic beauty of locations such as the Effigy Mounds National Monument and the covered bridges of Madison County, where the grandeur of nature takes center stage.

Beyond its breathtaking landscapes, we acknowledge that Iowa proudly boasts a rich cultural heritage. Cities like Des Moines, with its vibrant community spirit and cultural events, exemplify the state's cultural significance. The interplay of rural traditions, agricultural legacy, and diverse community influences adds a layer of depth that enriches the overall allure of Iowa.

Embarking on new projects for greenhouse construction in Iowa, VB is filled with excitement and a sense of privilege to contribute to the development of this state we have come to hold in high esteem. The unique combination of natural splendor and cultural significance in Iowa makes it a truly captivating destination for both work and exploration.

The VB experience

VB offers comprehensive customer support throughout Iowa and the rest of the United States, handling every aspect from A to Z. Our greenhouse solutions are globally renowned; you’ll get to work with some of the foremost leading experts in the global industry to come up with the best growing solutions possible for Iowa's climate. Ready to get started?

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Commercial greenhouse FAQ's 

How can Iowa benefit from commercial greenhouses?

Iowa can benefit from commercial greenhouses in several ways. Commercial greenhouses extend the growing season, allowing for year-round cultivation despite the state's seasonal variations. This ensures a more consistent and extended supply of locally grown produce. Additionally, greenhouses provide a controlled environment, protecting crops from extreme weather conditions and pests, leading to increased yields and improved crop quality. This can contribute to the state's agricultural economy and promote sustainable farming practices.

What is considered a commercial greenhouse?

A commercial greenhouse is a large-scale structure designed for the cultivation of plants on a commercial or industrial level. These greenhouses are typically used for the production of crops for sale, rather than personal or recreational gardening. Commercial greenhouses are characterized by their size, advanced technology, and the ability to house a significant volume of crops. They often incorporate features such as automated climate control, irrigation systems, and efficient space utilization to optimize crop production.

Why is Dutch horticulture so famous?

Dutch horticulture is renowned for its innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. The Netherlands has a long history of expertise in greenhouse technology, allowing for year-round cultivation in a climate that would otherwise be less conducive to certain crops. Dutch horticulturists are known for their advanced cultivation methods, including precise climate control, efficient use of space, and sustainable practices. The combination of technology, research, and a focus on quality has made Dutch horticulture a global leader in the field.

What is the primary function of a greenhouse structure?

The primary function of a greenhouse structure is to create a controlled environment for plant cultivation. Greenhouses use transparent materials, typically glass or plastic, to allow sunlight to enter while trapping heat inside. This creates a warmer and more stable climate compared to the external environment. The controlled conditions inside a greenhouse promote optimal plant growth by providing protection from extreme temperatures, pests, and diseases. Greenhouses are used to extend the growing season, improve crop yields, and facilitate the cultivation of plants that may not thrive in the local climate.