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Commercial greenhouse builder in Illinois

VB is a commercial greenhouse builder from the Netherlands serving the state of Illinois, the “Land of Lincoln.” With decades of experience building state-of-the-art greenhouses around the world, we’re ready to help make Illinois’ growing season a year-round venture. When it comes to commercial greenhouse structures and solutions, VB is the industry leader and number one commercial greenhouse construction company in the state of Illinois.

VB brings extensive expertise to the realm of greenhouse construction and its associated components, with a particular focus on Illinois. Our adept team excels in overseeing comprehensive projects, managing every facet from the initial planning stages to the final installation of greenhouses. We boast a profound understanding of greenhouse automation systems, encompassing controlled environments and state-of-the-art irrigation systems. With a proven track record of successfully completing numerous projects across the United States, VB's proficiency extends to Illinois—a state distinguished by diverse landscapes and unique cultural facets in the northern Midwest.

Our intimate knowledge of Illinois enables us to comprehend the varying geographical and cultural intricacies, spanning from the fertile plains to the rolling hills and the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan. We deeply value the state's agricultural richness, from the dynamic urban centers like Chicago to the enchanting rural communities. This familiarity empowers us to customize greenhouse construction to meet the specific requirements of each region. Furthermore, our nuanced understanding of cultural aspects, encompassing the agricultural traditions of different communities, ensures that our greenhouse projects seamlessly align with the local context, promoting sustainability and community involvement.

If you are contemplating the establishment of a greenhouse in Illinois, IL (USA), rest assured that as a leading Dutch greenhouse construction company, VB brings years of hands-on experience to the forefront. Operating throughout the U.S., including Illinois, we have successfully executed numerous projects in the country.

Specializing in greenhouses, we provide end-to-end solutions, leveraging our unparalleled expertise to guide you through every stage of greenhouse construction. Our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality assures you that you can cultivate the highest quality crops in the industry.

Serving Illinois growers

VB offers the most advanced commercial greenhouse solutions throughout the state of Illinois. Check out all of our commercial services below to see how we can build your greenhouse into one of the best in the Illinois market.

Successful greenhouse projects in Illinois

VB has successfully built many state-of-the-art commercial greenhouses in Illinois and throughout the rest of the United States. 

Mightyvine - Rochelle, IL


Name: MightyVine
Address: 222 Centerpoint Dr, Rochelle, IL 61068
Phone: (312) 432-6568

MightyVine in Rochelle, Illinois, is one of our many successful commercial greenhouse projects in the Midwestern United States. From the very beginning, Jim Murphy and his partners saw the enormous potential for local food production in the Chicago area, investing their time to create valuable relationships with VB and key players in the Dutch horticultural sector. Now, it’s a dream come true: year-round fresh tomatoes produced locally, thanks to VB’s state-of-the-art technology. 

Check out the details behind the MightyVine story. In recent years, we've successfully completed many other greenhouse projects throughout the United States in addition to MightyVine. Take a look at our commercial projects.

What VB loves about Illinois

At VB, we find immense joy in cultivating partnerships and building greenhouse structures that contribute to the flourishing agricultural landscape of Illinois, the "Land of Lincoln." Our decades of experience in constructing state-of-the-art greenhouses globally have deepened our appreciation for the unique charm and potential that Illinois holds.

1. Fertile soil and agricultural abundance

Illinois, with its rich and fertile soil, has been a cornerstone of American agriculture. VB takes pride in being a part of this legacy, working with the resilient farmers of Illinois to extend the growing season and make year-round cultivation a reality. The prairies that once defined the state's landscape continue to inspire us to create cutting-edge greenhouse solutions that maximize agricultural productivity.

2. Chicago's cultural tapestry

The vibrant and dynamic spirit of Chicago, our state's cultural hub, fuels our enthusiasm. From the iconic skyline to the world-class museums, theaters, and culinary delights, VB revels in the diverse cultural experiences that Chicago offers. Our commitment to innovation mirrors the city's architectural marvels, and we're honored to contribute to the urban and agricultural harmony that defines Illinois.

3. Sporting passion

VB understands the fervor that Illinois residents have for sports. Whether it's the cheers for the Bulls, the excitement on game day for the Bears, or the unity felt at a Cubs or White Sox game, we recognize the importance of community and shared experiences. Just as sports bring people together, our greenhouses aim to foster growth, community, and sustainability across the state.

4. Educational excellence

llinois is home to world-renowned educational institutions, and VB cherishes the opportunity to contribute to the academic and research landscape. From the University of Chicago to Northwestern University and the University of Illinois, we appreciate the intellectual energy that permeates the state and drives us to continuously innovate in our greenhouse construction endeavors.

5. Natural beauty and variety

The diverse topography of Illinois, from rolling hills to the shores of the Great Lakes, inspires our designs. VB embraces the natural beauty of the state, creating greenhouse structures that harmonize with the environment. We believe in sustainable solutions that not only support agriculture but also contribute to the preservation of Illinois's unique ecosystems.

At VB, our journey in Illinois is not just about building greenhouses; it's about cultivating partnerships, embracing the cultural tapestry, and contributing to the prosperity of the "Land of Lincoln." We are honored to be the industry leader and the preferred choice for commercial greenhouse construction in Illinois, and we look forward to continuing our shared growth story with the resilient and forward-thinking communities across the state.

The VB experience

At VB, we are actively involved in the state of Illinois and throughout the Midwest, where we continue to contribute to the advancement of modern greenhouse technology in the United States. Leveraging our expertise and innovation, we play a pivotal role in supporting sustainable agriculture practices in the Midwest, helping farmers and growers achieve optimal crop yields and resource efficiency no matter the season.
Work with VB to ensure that your new greenhouse is future-proof, supporting long-term agricultural sustainability. 

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Commercial greenhouse FAQs

How can Illinois benefit from commercial greenhouses?

Year round cultivation

Commercial greenhouses enable year-round cultivation, extending the growing season and allowing Illinois farmers to produce crops even in colder months.

Crop diversification

Greenhouses provide a controlled environment for a wide range of crops, fostering diversification and reducing dependence on seasonal variations.

Increased productivity

Controlled conditions in greenhouses optimize plant growth, leading to higher yields and improved productivity for the agricultural sector in Illinois.

Environmental Sustainability

Modern greenhouse technologies offer sustainable practices, such as efficient water and energy use, reducing the environmental impact of agriculture.

When is the best time to build a greenhouse in Illinois?

Early planning

Ideally, greenhouse construction planning should begin well in advance, typically in the fall or winter, to allow for thorough design, permitting, and site preparation.

Off-peak construction season

Construction during the off-peak season, typically late fall to early spring, can be advantageous, avoiding weather-related delays and ensuring the greenhouse is ready for the upcoming growing season.

What makes a greenhouse sustainable?

Energy efficiency

Sustainable greenhouses incorporate energy-efficient technologies, such as double-layered glazing, automated climate control, and renewable energy sources like solar power.

Water management

Efficient water use through technologies like drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting contributes to sustainability by reducing water consumption.

Recyclable materials

The use of recyclable and eco-friendly construction materials minimizes environmental impact.
Integrated Pest Management: Sustainable greenhouses often employ integrated pest management strategies, reducing the reliance on chemical pesticides.

How do you prepare a greenhouse for the winter?


Ensure proper insulation to retain heat and protect plants from cold temperatures.

Heating systems

Install reliable heating systems, such as heaters or geothermal heating, to maintain a suitable temperature.

Weather stripping

Check and replace weather stripping to prevent drafts.

Snow removal

Develop a plan for snow removal from the greenhouse structure to prevent damage.

Why is Dutch horticulture so famous?


Dutch horticulture is known for its innovative and efficient agricultural practices, including greenhouse technologies and precision farming.


The Netherlands has a long history of expertise in horticulture, with a focus on research and development.

Global impact

Dutch horticulture has had a significant global impact, influencing modern greenhouse design, hydroponics, and sustainable agricultural practices.

How long does it take to build a greenhouse?

Varies by size and complexity

The time required to build a greenhouse can vary based on factors such as size, complexity, and customization.

Average timeline

On average, construction of a commercial greenhouse may take several months, with larger and more intricate structures potentially requiring a year or more.

Planning and permits

The planning phase, including obtaining permits, can also influence the overall timeline. Thorough planning is crucial to a successful and timely construction process.