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Dutch greenhouse

Do you want to build a Dutch greenhouse in the US? Dutch greenhouses are the best in the world. Experience the quality for yourself and contact VB

Are you looking for a Dutch greenhouse? VB is a leading Dutch greenhouse expert and active in the USA. In the past years we've successfully completed several projects.

With our Dutch experience in greenhouse construction, we build Dutch greenhouses for American companies in the United States.

Why Dutch greenhouses?

Dutch greenhouses are the best, but why? The Netherlands is known for its greenhouse construction expertise in for several reasons

Historical context

The Netherlands has a long history of agricultural innovation and trade. The need for protected agricultural spaces in the Dutch climate led to the development of greenhouse construction technologies.

Climate challenges

The Dutch climate is unpredictable and often unfavorable for agricultural crops. Greenhouses provide a controlled environment in which temperature, humidity and other factors can be regulated, improving crop productivity and quality.

Research and development

The Netherlands has invested in research and development in greenhouse construction, which has led to advanced technologies and methods for efficient greenhouse operations.

Innovation culture

The Netherlands has a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, which has led to the creation of specialized companies and technological breakthroughs in the greenhouse industry.


Dutch greenhouse builders have focused on exports, allowing them to serve international markets and share their expertise worldwide.


The Netherlands is at the forefront of sustainable agricultural practices, and modern greenhouse technologies enable growers to use resources such as water and energy more efficiently.

All of these factors have contributed to the Netherlands' position as a world leader in greenhouses and the export of greenhouse products, such as flowers, vegetables and fruits. Dutch greenhouses are often considered an example of advanced agricultural technology and sustainable agricultural practices.

Want to build a Dutch Greenhouse?

If you're interested in building a Dutch Greenhouse in the USA yourself, you can contact us on or you can fill in the contact form for more information how VB can help you.

We also have a physical mailing address in the US. Our mailing address is 5784 Sound Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901 USA

The advantages of building a Dutch greenhouse in the U.S.

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