Pitch heating ensures ideal conditions; always!

You will also find VB in sports stadiums. We are Europe's leading specialist installer of pitch heating. Europe's top clubs are increasingly choosing to install heating under their playing fields, often in combination with lighting and water systems. This ensures the consistent availability and playability of the surface.

Pitch heating also makes the grass grow better. Optimum growth on a pitch surface is not always guaranteed, particularly on playing fields which are intensively used. The interests of the clubs playing top flight international football can be massive and having to cancel a match is rarely an option. In addition, a pitch in perfect condition tends to bring out the best in the clubs' star players. 

Total concept for pitch conditioning

Installing the system under the surface in the appropriate manner is truly specialist work. With our wealth of successful stadium projects, VB has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise, underpinned by experience in the international agricultural sector. In addition, we offer a total concept, complete with water and light installations. This means that the entire control remains in one hand. This also instils a flexibility and a capacity to work to very tight timeframes. Previous projects have proven our track record in installing an integrated pitch conditioning system to exceedingly tight programmes. Many premier clubs will vouch for this. 

VB's pitch heating projects reference list

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