Geothermal heat

The technology for sourcing heat or cooling from the earth has much improved in recent years. VB is one of the leading companies in the application of geothermal heat. Many of our successful projects have already clearly proven that our experience with heat pumps can provide true added value in the use of geothermics.

From now on, source your energy from the earth, in a truly sustainable manner

VB has developed a unique concept for geothermics. The source heat can be used much more efficiently by using heat pump technology. This will benefit the performance of the installation; and also your investment. Every cubic metre of water pumped up can be efficiently utilized for both heating and cooling greenhouses, as well as other commercial spaces. 

From design to realisation

VB specialises in the design and realisation of complete above ground geothermal heat installations. This includes the entire programme from connecting to the source through to distributing the heat among the project participants. We also take care of the related processes, such as automation and degassing. This ensures that you have unlimited access to a sustainable source of energy; a concrete solution for our environmentally aware clients. 

VB's Geothermal installations projects reference list


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