ActivAir, the motor powering 'The New Way of Growing'

The 'New Way of Growing' takes the next step with the revolutionary ActivAir system. In greenhouses with a limited number of windows (vents) this system makes it possible to dehumidify the space with external air. An optimum climate within the greenhouse can be maintained by heating the external air. VB is one of only four suppliers who have developed and successfully implemented this system.

Greenhouse walling with heating elements

Due to the ActivAir system, which prevents condensation forming inside the greenhouse, mixing two air flows is no longer an issue. To realise this, a new greenhouse wall has been developed which features integrated heating elements. Adding additional CO2 is also an option. The ActivAir system is flexible in its applications because with 'The New Way of Growing', like any other solution, no two greenhouses are the same.

Pressurised greenhouse

The ActivAir system has the additional advantage that the greenhouse can be kept pressurised. This will deliver considerable savings with the use of biological control agents for example. The system also offers the possibility of a 10% saving on energy. In addition, the CO2 level in the greenhouse will remain at the required level, due to the reduced demand for the air vents to be opened. The ActivAir system can regulate the conditions entirely to your requirements.

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