Geothermal heat is sustainable

Sustainable energy is clean energy, and just about limitless. Generating geothermal heat has little or no harmful impact on the environment. In addition, the energy supply captured in the earth's crust is almost infinite. Geothermal heat is sustainable energy and, unlike solar or wind generated energy, consistent. It is our aim to provide Dutch horticulture with sustainable geothermal solutions.

Geothermal heat projects

Having realised more than seventy geothermal heat projects, VB has become the recognised and trusted name for geothermal heating. Successfully completed projects including TRIAS Westland, GeoPower Oudcamp, Warmtebedrijf Bergschenhoek, Geothermie De Lier, GreenWell Westland, Duijvestijn Tomaten, Warmtecluster Koekoekspolder, Californië Wijnen Geothermie and Energie Combinatie Wieringermeer have clearly demonstrated that over the years VB are the professional specialist in supplying geothermal connections to a wide variety of clients in the greenhouse horticultural sector.

Smart use of heat pumps

VB has developed a concept which uses source heat more efficiently by utilising heat pump technology. This can substantially increase the geothermal source output. Millions of euros are spent in pumping up the hot water from deep sources in the earth's crust and pumping it back again; a process which absorbs a great deal of power to drive the pumps. Therefore it makes sense to use the amounts pumped as efficiently as possible. The process of cooling down the source water can dramatically increase the utilisation factor of a source. VB has designed a system which can cool down source water even further (from 35 to 10 degrees) by means of a multi-stage system using heat pump technology.

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